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Lotus Seed Soup 莲子爽

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My family loves 糖水 tung shuei dessert soups. Be it a bowl of 绿豆汤 green bean soup to relieve the heat when the weather gets too unbearably hot for comfort, or 番薯姜汤 sweet potatoes in ginger syrup to warm the constitution on the cooler days, my mother never failed to whip up something for us to enjoy all year round. It can be as simple boiling red beans or green beans in a sugary concoction, or something that requires more ingredients and hence more work, like Lok Mei Tung 六味汤, better known as Cheng Tng 清汤 in Singapore. One of my mother’s favorites is Lotus Seed Soup 莲子羹, or more accurately since it has its roots in Teochew cuisine, Noi Jee Suãn 莲子爽, with an accentuation of the nasal tone on the last word. Despite liking it so much, my mother doesn’t make it often, partially owing to the laborious traditional procedure of preparing it, and of course lotus seeds ain’t no cheap commodity to start with.  I guess that’s why its slowly diappearing from our neighbourhood chinese dessert soup stalls as well. Nonetheless, once a while she prepared it, but we as kids didn’t appreciate it much.  We prefer Tao Suãn 豆爽 mung bean soup instead, as it comes with 油条 youtiao aka dough fritters which is good for dunking into the sugary soup or simply on its own. So Noi Ji Suãn is more of a treat for my mother to pamper and reward herself!