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Taiwan May 2010 Day 1 – Outbound for Taipei

We visited the Butterfly Garden located within Terminal 3 Transit Area and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe at Terminal 3 before boarding our 4.5 h flight on Jetstar to Taipei!

Changi Airport T3 - Hard Rock Cafe

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe located within the Transit Area of Changi Airport Terminal  3.


Japan Nov 2009 Day 1

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Public Area Christmas Decoartion

Massive Christmas Deco at T3 Changi Airport. Its a ball-shaped dome which opens up like an umbrella periodically and plays music.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Transit Area Christmas Decorations

Another deco for xmas in the transit area. Lotsa tourists stop by on the way to their boarding gates for some quick shots.

SQ A380 flight from Singapore to Narita

Stewardess serving  refreshments on SQ638 to Narita. Its a overnight flight. So no dinner served as it was 2345h when we boarded. Our first A380 experience! Chose a seat which doesn’t have a seat in front of it in exchange for more legroom turned out to be a mistake. With no foot rest extension from the seat in front (cos there isn’t a seat in front!), I kept slipping downwards while sleeping. And the meal table is wobbly. The screen is stowed away on the left of the seat. But I could do with the extra legroom. Oh well… you win some, you lose some.