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Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie Dec 2012

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Truth be told, the visit to Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie was quite incidental. I was at Plaza Singapura to pass some knitting books to Eelin which I’d gotten for her at the recent Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012 when it started to rain. The original plan was to visit Robinsons’  annual sale but the downpour dampened the shopping spirit quite literally. Plaza Singapura’s new shopping annexe houses quite a number of F&B joints, some familiar faces and some new kids on the block. Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie‘s latest joint is located on the first level, in a rather strategic location, being  very near the MRT exit as well as the latest bus stop and just next to the escalators. So rather conveniently, I packed three petit gateaus from their current sweet menu back home.

Interestingly, I noticed quite a number of pieces in the chiller display which are fruit themed. It seemed like Canelé is in for a rather fruity festive season. And I personally love to include fruits in my own bakes as well!

Kura Ramen @ Plaza Singapura

I had to go down to Samsung Service Centre (SSC) down at Plaza Singapura to have my new phone looked at. Just started using it for a day and suddenly I wasn’t able to access the mobile data plan 😦

Was told that my phone needs an upgrade of the firmware and would take 2 hours. So I left my phone at the SSC while I walked around. It was crowded for an early  weekday evening. Probably cos xmas is around the corner and everyone’s busy doing their xmas shopping. After walking around Carrefour and Daiso, and doing a bit of magazine browsing at Times, I started feeling hungry and deliberated over a place to eat. Foodcourt was packed and I wasn’t in the mood to join the crowd.

Japan Foods Pte Ltd (JFPL), the company behind Aijisen Ramen has opened a”Japanese Food shotengai” similar to Manpuku in this shopping mall. “Tokyo Walker” as it is called, the place comprises of 4-5 delis under the JFPL umbrella. I chose the most no-frills one of them all, Kura Ramen, which turns out to be a spin-off from Ajisen’s. Even the crockery used are the same!

Kura Ramen

my order of Char Siu Shoyu Ramen. The broth is a simple soya sauce base. Other ramen options had red or white miso paste base, all reasonably simple, without needing extensively long periods of preparation, e.g. tonkotsu broth.