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Nantsuttei Ramen @ Parco Millenia

Nantsuttei Ramen

Dinner @ Nantsuttei Ramen, located at “Itadakimasu”, a whole floor in Parco Marina Bay at Millenia Walk dedicated to Japanese themed restaurants.This place drew a huge crowd on the weekend we visited Keisuke Tokyo Ramen. So we decided to visit this joint on another weekend, and here we are!


Keisuke Tokyo Ramen @ Parco Millenia

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen

Dinner @ Keisuke Tokyo Ramen, Parco Millenia, the newly refurbished annex adjacent to Millienia walk where Promenade MRT is located. Located on the top floor, it joins an array of 5-6 new “Wafu” themed restaurants in a shotengai concept, aptly named “Itadakimasu”. The shopping mall looks quiet on a weekend evening but there was already a queue in front of the restaurant when we reached.