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Dean & DeLuca @ Orchard Central, Singapore

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It opened on 22nd June 8 pm. Couldn’t wait any longer with all that pent up anticipation. Less than 24 hours later, we are here to check out the place. So here’s a little tour of what food heaven could possibly be like.

Dean & DeLuca, a name which is almost synonymously associated with gourmet foods and premium epicurean purveying, finally opened its flagship store in Singapore at Orchard Central two days back. Yes finally! Before it opened, it created quite a bit of hype, first with its very own miniature scale reality cooking contest “Be a Chef in 7 Days” where contestants pitted against each other to vie for the top spot to be crowned “Chef” after 7 days… if that’s ever possible 🙂 It also joins a rapidly growing list of gourmet food stores and purveyors like Jone the Grocer, Culina, Le Bon Marche, Cut the Mustard, Le Petite Provence etc, just to name a few… to provide Singaporeans with a wider choice of culinary and gourmandising options. Its entry into the local market, made possible by Kitchen Language, the F&B arm of Far East Organisation (yes, the company that builds perpetually every other condominium project!), is surely a tell-tale sign that the tastebuds of the local crowd have become more refined, and their palates more sophisticated and discerning over the last couple of years. It would perhaps mark the beginning of a golden age of epicurean hedonism here in Singapore, but all awaits to be seen if this is for real or only but a bubble…