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Kueh Pie Tee – A Video Tutorial Guide

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Kueh Pie Tee aka Kueh Pai Tee is a familiar snack to many. It is commonly eaten as finger food, not unlike hors d’oeuvres or anti-pasti from French and Italian cuisines. Think bruschetta and canapés where the familiar cracker or crostini is being replaced by delicately made cups that resemble top hats, with a savory filling that can be elegantly eaten in a single mouthful. Apart from being an amuse-bouche however, kueh pie tee has an additional dimension as a communal dish, likening Popiah with which Kueh Pie Tee shares a very similar filling, if not the same. The pie tee shells have to filled and eaten almost in situ, or risk these little “golden cups” being too soggy for a proper enjoyment of the delightful crunch from the vegetables against the light crispy textures from the deep-fried shells. As such, they are often enjoyed nowadays as part of a “Popiah Party” where everyone gathers around the table for a hands-on experience in wrapping their own popiah or filling their own pie tee shells amidst all that chitter and chatter.