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Simply Pasta! – Thai Crispy Pork Spaghetti

DSC_3960 s
I love pasta dishes because they are so simple to prepare yet pasta is like a clean canvas that allows endless streams of ideas to be piped in, churning out a vast number of combinations possible. In my recent trip to Bangkok, I’d tried a pasta dish at Vanilla Cafeteria in EmQuartier which I thought tasted really interesting. It didn’t take long for me to re-create the dish at home, while I still remember the flavour profile of the dish…

Fridge Drama, with Mentaiko, Ikura, Shrimp Roe and Poached Egg Pasta

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There are those days when I feel so lazy to get out of the house to do anything. Well, make that most of the time *chuckles*. Yet we all have to eat yeah? So to compensate for those “lazy days”, I make sure that my fridge and pantry are well-stocked with ingredients which I may need to whip up something fast yet no less gratifying. As such, my fridge is always packed with food, and I often tell my friends that it is so stuffed that I have to be careful whenever I open it, or something would just drop out from somewhere. Friends laugh, dispensing it as a silly joke which I’d spun up but it’s true you know. Being a food hoarder comes with its own set of problems and fears. Some stuff are buried so deep within the abyss of other produce that they have to excavated. These “archaeological findings” usually take weeks and at times, months to be uncovered. Things which were once fresh turn stale and had to be binned. Wastage… But the greatest fear any food hoarder has is the day when the fridge decides to kick the bucket. That is sheer armageddon I tell you. And that happened to me just two weeks ago!