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Mrs Ng SK’s Butter Cake… an Échiré Extravaganza

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“Nostalgia” is a word which I find myself using and abusing quite frequently of late. More often than I’d hoped to, I find myself taking long walks down the memory lane (such a cliché I know!) time and time again, revisiting the sights and smells of yesteryears quite literally, through the numerous bakes and makes which I’d undertaken over the last year or so. Memory is such a powerful tool, using one’s not-too-distant past to fuel one’s present and possibly the future, more often than others, in a reflective and contemplative mode, a tell-tale sign of age and hopefully wisdom. After all, collective memories of a concerted groups is the basic foundation of “heritage”.

Alas many of these flavours and smells have become a thing of the past. Changing palates and tastebuds, more generous offering of options and choice, an almost deliberately played out sense of propriety towards being more health conscious, are just some of the proponents and culprits which led to the “extinction” of many of the “childhood” flavours.