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Simple Curry Puffs

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Fridge clearing exercises often bring the craziest of all ideas. Just a couple of days ago, I “recycled” some frozen filling of some of my earlier baking and kueh making ventures to whip up some quick snacks for tea break. I’d used some frozen grated coconut filling which had been cooked in gula melaka that I had used for making pulot inti just last week to make kueh dadar. It is essentially the same filling afterall. I could have made kueh kochi if I had wanted too as well but I’d ran out of banana leaves. The leftover filling for rempah udang was made into small puffs while the remaining curry chicken and potato filling I had used for my karipap pusing experiment 2 weeks back became instant curry puffs with frozen puff pastry at hand! Gave some to my neighbours and students to try and they said the curry puffs taste like those from Pxlxr. Not sure if that is exactly a compliment but the bakery which has shops and delis all over Singapore did win the best curry puff in some media award quite recently! The best part is, these curry puffs are quite easy to make!

Roti Jala… a short revisit

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I’d been revisiting some of the old recipes I’d blogged about before recently. Sometimes, its because some friends had shared with me a “discovery” or “revelation” about a dish which I knew which prompted me to relook at it. Otherwise, it is simply because I have a craving for it. Roti Jala is one of those things which you’d miss eating once in a while. I turned an ayam peksak (poached chicken) from my mum’s semayang see kee (death anniversary prayers) into a pot of kari ayam, the best excuse to make some roti jala to go along.

On the Trail of the Phoenix – Kari Ayam

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Kari Ayam is a familiar favorite to most of us here at home. Different communities have their own versions, be it the Malays, Indians, Peranakans, Eurasians or the Chinese. Even within each ethnic group, one could easily find a plethora of variations to the which this dish is being prepared, differing by the concoction of spices or other ingredients used, and sometimes even with the process which the curry is being cooked. I remember reading someone exclaim that the number of ways we know of today to cook curry is as plentiful as the stars in the sky. Well, that is a lovely literary exaggeration if you ask me, but that said the piquant flavours which this dish is beautifully imbued with is by no means any less stellar.