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Marshall Cavendish Big Box Sale – Cookbooks Galore!

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Received a tip off from a friend this morning about a book sale hosted by Marshall Cavendish this morning and I immediately made a beeline for it since it is not too far from home. Unlike other clearance sales I’d been to where the books are individually priced and tagged, the books at this year’s MC Sale 2015 is sold by the cartons! Yes, you’d heard me right. Buy a cardboard carton at the door for just 20 dollars and pack it up as much as you can carry! Bizarre it may sound, this is absolutely true! What caught my eye was the array of cookbooks available for grabs at the sale. Despite being under the weather, and still recuperating from my HK trip, I must make a trip down and indeed I did!

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012 Kuala Lumpur

For any book lover and bibliophile, this event is all too tempting! Touted as “The Biggest Book Sale in the World”, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012 promised to be more exciting than the previous ones! Deals at “75-95% off RRP” also set many eyes gleaming and hearts palpitating with adrenaline and anticipation! I gruelled over the fact that it was set in Kuala Lumpur and not here at home. Thoughts and second thoughts… finally could not hold it any longer and decided to book (pun intended!!!) a coach ticket to KL to see the deals for myself. But of course, its not without all the “come lah! come lah! cheap cheap!” encouragement from all my beloved friends from across the Causeway. Bless ’em!

The strategy is simple, i.e. take the earliest coach there and come back with the latest. A “turnaround” they call it, just that me ain’t flyin’. No overnight stays as that would “dilute the worthiness’ of the books. I was lucky to have Shenny, a new friend introduced by Wendy coming to the rescue. She kindly offered to fetch me from the bus station to the book sale and back. A really bubbly and cheery lady! Malaysians boleh! LOL