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Fromage Melon

Fromage Melon

When I first saw photos of Kki’s Fromage Melon posted by some folks who had sampled the mousse creation over flickr, I was first captivated by its simplicity – a fromage blanc mousse with a piece of rockmelon gelée over a sable breton base. Though I would very much like to, I’d not visited Kki ケーキas yet to try their creations. But I’d read and heard very good things about the place and hence, find no excuse not to visit this pastisserie tucked within the streets of Ang Siang Hill. But before I do that, I thought about creating my own version of Fromage Melon, harnassing inspiration from Kki’s original work, rather than a re-creation or an adaptation.

Strictly speaking, this can’t be called my own recipe, as its quite simply a collage of several recipes for the various components in this creation