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豆豉炒魟鱼 Stir Fried Stingray with Fermented Black Beans

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最近听一位名人说过, 十二岁之前的味蕾能够永久记录下当时对食物的印象,化作永恒的回忆, 这可能就是我们长挂在嘴边的“古早味”或“老味道”。而在我十二岁之前,记忆里的味道,不是学校食堂所贩售的小吃,就是妈妈和外婆所烹煮的那一道道美味的家常菜。 即便走过大江南北,尝过各种异国风情,享受过多样美食飨宴,但至今让我最怀念的,就是家常菜的味道,也就是妈妈的味道。

Hojicha & Kuromame Roll Cake ほうじ茶黑豆ロールケーキ

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My first encounter with Japanese-inspired western confections was a matcha cake from Sun Moulin, a boulangerie-patisserie located at the basement of Isetan Scotts. It was from an ex-student’s mother who had generously offered me to try a matcha cake from them during a lesson with her daughter many moons ago.  Since then it had been no turning back. I especially love how the Japanese pastissiers attempt to infuse ingredients, culinary methodology and even ideas from Wagashi 和菓子 and even washoku 和食 into the art of pastry making. Naturally when it comes to baking, I like dabbling with the idea of incorporating Asian flavours into cakes and bakes. This roll cake is no exception.