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L’Atelier 貝氏邏輯法式烘焙 @ Taipei

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Whenever we travel, we are always on the look out for new pastry joints to visit and try. Well, they may not be new establishments… but new to us at least. And over the last two years, it seems to have become progressively difficult fill up our travelling itineraries and it is not because pastry shops are in lacking. In fact, new places are sprouting at quite an alarming rate in Hong Kong, Taipei and even back home in Singapore, so much so that it is literally a case of being spoilt for choices. Nonetheless, it is always good to visit new eating places which we’d not tried before, especially those which had already been “tried and tested” and hopefully raved by others. With so many places to go and so little time, one can’t help but to be selective.

L’Atelier 貝氏邏輯法式烘焙  is a name which I’d chanced upon several times when I visited blogs from fellow Taiwanese foodies. And it stands out amongst the other new joints which have opened and anchored in Taipei over the last 2 years. Their creations are often dubbed as being “simple”, “rustic” and “down to earth”, hardly terms one would associate with the art of pastry making where everything made in all pomp and circumstance seems to be a “norm” in the industry. The ambience and decor of the shop is also much talked about, being “unconventional” and total “unpastry shop” like… whatever that meant. So that naturally got us very curious and we knew we had to try it out.