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台北金峰鲁肉饭 – Jin Fung Lor Bak Png, Taipei

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When in Rome, do what the Romans do. I have several food places which I repeatedly visit whenever I’m in Taipei.  These are often joints and stalls which the locals come for a quick breakfast with their pals after their morning exercise or grocery shopping routine, or for a takeaway during the lunch break. They serve good local food at rather affordable prices! Let’s see, I have my favorite 牛肉面 beef noodles stall in 永康街 Yong Kang Street, I have my favorite 肉粽 bak chang stall in 西门町 Ximending, I have my favorite 碗粿 wah kueh stall near 龙山寺 Long Shan Si Temple, I have my favorite 四神汤 stall near 宁夏夜市 Ning Xia Night Market, etc… and the list runs on! But today, I shall bring you all to my favorite lor bak png 鲁肉饭 stall… well, one of my favorites that is! Ironic it may sound, how can one ever settle for just one favorite right?! *chuckles*

鲁肉饭, lu rou fan or better pronounced as “lor bak png” in Taiwanese is truly food for the masses, enjoyed by folks of all ages from all walks of life, during any time in the day from breakfast all the way till supper! There are some pretty famous lor bak png joints/chain stores around but when I’m Taipei and I’m up for it, I would visit 金峰鲁肉饭 for a quick fix!