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Wanton Mee @ Dong Fung, Bukit Cina Melaka

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When one is in Melaka, one is never short of things to eat. From the morning breakfast fare to the night time supper joints, Melaka offers a good range of delectables with something for everyone. During my recent trip to Melaka, I stayed at The Sterling which is located in Bukit Cina. After a tiring day out, I wanna find some supper nearby to keep my tummy happy before a good night’s sleep. A quick check with the concierge staff for makan recommendations at this hour and I am off to Restoran Dong Fung just a stone’s throw away to try out their wanton mee.

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Restoran Dong Fung is located near the Bukit Cina market. It operates in two sessions, offering an entirely different range of food in each. The wanton mee stall operates at night from dusk until just past midnight.
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Unlike the usual wanton mee with char siew, this wanton mee stall also offers roast pork belly aka siu yuk for an extra charge. An unconventional but nice touch I thought, so why not? The sauce was rich and piquant, quite different from the other famous wanton mee along Bunga Raya. Truth be told, this stall suits my tastebuds more than the latter.
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Another speciality at this wanton mee stall is their braised chicken feet. Flavourful yes but I would have liked the sauce to be a bit thicker, considering the fact that we are eating a collagen packed dish after all. I have a hunch that they did not make the dish from scratch but started with pre-fried chicken feet from suppliers instead. The smallest serving as in the photo, is quite substantial, so it would be good to have 2 or 3 folks sharing.
20161124_221720 s
Prices have steadily increased over the years as I was told, from RM3 to 4 and now RM5 for the smallest serving, dollar to dollar it might be really affordable for us Singaporeans but I can’t say the same for the local malaccans…
20161124_214602 s
Yet, there is no stopping the locals from dropping by to savour the food here at Dong Fung. There is a good mixture of tourists and locals when I was there in fact. While some opt to dine in, many came in cars and motorcycles parked just outside the coffeeshop for a quick takeaway. I’d wished some of them would shut off their engines while waiting for the food to be prepared though..
20161124_214939 s
And this is the old couple who helm the stall, constantly bickering even as they are preparing the orders, kind of fun to watch their dramatic sounding conversations I must say… And while one is here, remember to order a glass of iced green apple juice from the kopitiam drink stall to help wash everything down at the end of the hearty meal. Seems immensely popular here as practically every table has one…

Wanton Mee @ Restoran Dong Fung, Bukit Cina
Jalan Temenggong, 75000, Melaka, Malaysia (near Bukit Cina Market)
Hours: 7AM–1:30PM, 6PM–1AM (wanton mee stall is in the evening slot)

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  1. Khong

    heard that the WTM stall have been moved. Do you know it move to where ? I went last week. But it look different.

    June 17, 2019 at 10:25 am

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