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Fischeon & SHC Cook Off Party @ Tott – A Photo Log

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Just two weekends back, I had the pleasure of being invited to a “cook off” jointly organised by Fischeon and Singapore Home Cooks (SHC). Fischeon is a range of “Made in Singapore” fish-based canned luncheon meat recently launched into the market. While we are used to eating SPAM or “Maling” for a long time now, luncheon meat made from fish must surely be a first. It will be very interesting to see what kind of dishes can be churned out using Fischeon’s products by the “home cooks” from SHC, a very popular group on Facebook which has more than 50000 members to date, not counting those on their fanpage and clubhouse as well! The event is more than just a cookoff! While the contestants to the cooking contest pit their skills against each other through the 90-minute cooking competition, the rest of the attendees were in for a treat to a cooking demonstration by local Peranakan chef and cookbook author, Mr Philip Chia, where he showcased a selection of finger food using Fischeon products, good party food ideas in the upcoming festive period. So here are some of the photos which I’d taken during the event, to share with those who didn’t get a chance to attend. Just look at the fun you’d missed!

a DSC_1207 s
The event was held at Tott by Sia Huat at the Sime Darby Centre along Dunearn Road in Upper Bukit Timah. Long before the event started, members from SHC have already been waiting eagerly at the registration, helmed by Emy and Michelle. It didn’t take long before they started streaming into the event venue…
a DSC_1222 s
Seats being filled up rather quickly and familiar faces started chatting and catching up with one another on their latest bakes or gastronomic endeavors. What else better than food, the perfect catalyst to bring and bind like-minded folks together! We were all given name tags so it was quite a bit of a “get to know each other” session as well. It is good to finally be able to put a face to a familiar name which we see over Facebook!
a DSC_1284 s
The emcee for the day introducing the contestants first, but without a grueling but no less funny session of Q&A with them.
a DSC_1263 s
A group shot of three of the contestants at the back, Regina, Jaslin and Cecilia.
a DSC_1311 s
While the contestants are cooking away, churning out their dishes to impress upon the judges, the cooking demonstration started on the other side with Chef Philip. I must say some of the questions asked by the emcee was quite “hilarious” to say the least, as evident by the expression of Chef Philip in this photo.
a DSC_1259 s
Chef Philip showing the consistency of the batter to acheive for one of the dishes which comprises of deep fried brinjal.
a DSC_1229 s
Here is Chef Philip dishing up a portion while Rita, one of Chef Philip’s competent helpers for the day “supervises” on… LOL
a DSC_1422 s
It didn’t take long before the heat at the cooking demo is turned up, as Chef Philip prepared the cili garam to go around with one of the dishes. But while this is all happening, how exactly are the contestants faring on the other side?
a DSC_1333 s
Rontree clearly had the procedure worked out and wasted no time in starting on his main dish.
a DSC_1335 s
And this is Zi Han, a fresh face on SHC but definitely not a novice when it comes to cooking. He professes to be a veteran in cooking competitions so it was interesting to see the dishes he came up with.
a DSC_1346 s
Patricia also fast to start on her dishes, but faced quite a bit of difficulty trying to get her fresh mushrooms properly minced. Thankfully the problem was resolved fairly quickly.
a DSC_1345 s
And here’s Wendy slicing tomatoes, which will be sandwiched in here multi-deck Fischeon burger.
a DSC_1332 s
Theresa shredding carrots in preparation for her cold noodle dish, inspired by one of the dishes she’s tasted during her recent trip to Korea.
a DSC_1338 s
And Siew Lee dicing up the fischeon luncheon meat which will be cooked into the filling for her pie dish…
a DSC_1340 s
Kitty also started rather quickly with her dishes, here peeling onions for what I think is her main dish, a kung bao stir fry with Fischeon cubes.
a DSC_1352 s
Jaslin here also working on the mise place of her dishes. Quite a fair bit of knife work needed..
a DSC_1325 s
Regina too here with all the dicing and cutting, to be used in not just one but three different salsa dips!
a DSC_1320 s
And finally Cecilia here too starting to cook up the storm in Tott’s kitchen, preparing the rempah for her laksa dish.
a DSC_1611 s
The tension was quite apparent amongst the contestants in the cook off arena , all looking rather stern and anxious…
a DSC_1434 s
Michelle here checking on Theresa to see that everything was working well. The latter was working on quite a number of components all at one go!
a DSC_1528 s
While some contestants were beginning to show some signs of panic, here’s Jaslin looking all cool and composed throughout the entire competition…
a DSC_1526 s
Patricia working on the mashed potato patties for her Fischeon bergedils…
a DSC_1521 s
And here is Zi Han checking on the broth which his meticulously wrapped dumplings are cooking in…
a DSC_1504 s
And finally we see Theresa looking so focused at her cooking station with all the frying and sauteeing going on…
a DSC_1442 s
Siew Lee carefully beginning to lattice the top of her Fischeon pie, pinching off the ends for a snug fit with every band of pastry.
a DSC_1445 s
Almost finishing, looking so neat and precise…
a DSC_1450 s
Patricia working out the minced mushrooms over the laid out bacon…
a DSC_1470 s
Regina finally on the wok with her quinoa for her main dish…
a DSC_1596 s
And here’s Sharon Lam from Delishar with Cecilia, chatting up with the contestants, finding out their progress…
a DSC_1416 s
Rontree workng on his “tamagoyaki” which is inlaid with a tube of Fischeon luncheon meat and also very thinly sliced layers of what I think is carrot… I’d forgotten to ask him!
a DSC_1620 s
Siew Lee’s hubby checking up on his missus, but everything was well under control for this veteran cook!
a DSC_1486 s
Kitty, stealing time to smile at the camera while managing her deep fried spring rolls!
a DSC_1614 s
Some of Rontree’s “fans” running over to lend him support!
a DSC_1542 s
Siew Lee’s Fischeon Pie freshly out of the oven, baked to a perfect golden brown…
a DSC_1508 s
Rontree plating up his appetiser..
a DSC_1571 s
Wendy’s burgers finally assembled…
a DSC_1544 s
Patricia’s bergedils just before going into the oil…
a DSC_1523 s
Zi Han’s dumplings looking good… if only I could steal a bite!
a DSC_1560 s
Rontree almost finished with his dish, slicing the chicken roulade, one of the more technical dishes in this cook off I feel.
a DSC_1649 s
Patricia’s Fischeon Wellington looking really promising with puff pastry looking so golden and crisp!
a DSC_1657 s
The final drizzle of the sauce over her Wellington before sending them to the judging table… so here are some of the dishes from the contestants…
a DSC_1549 s
Rontree’s appetiser, a som tum salad…
a DSC_1626 s
Rontree’s main dish
a DSC_1553 s
Zi Han’s appetiser…
a DSC_1557 s
Zi Han’s main dish…
a DSC_1645 s
Patricia’s appetiser… i love the orange and lemon juice infused dip by the way!
a DSC_1704 s
Patricia’s Fischeon Wellington…
a DSC_1618 s
Wendy’s Fischeon Burger…
a DSC_1702 s
Theresa’s seared scallop appetiser…
a DSC_1603 s
And her main dish from an aerial view… the scale of this dish is quite impressive on its own.
a DSC_1643 s
Siew Lee’s appetiser accompanying her pie…
a DSC_1661 s
Kitty’s spring roll appetiser…
a DSC_1692 s
And her Fischeon cubes stir fry served in a coconut shell with a pretty pink umbrella…
a DSC_1695 s
Jasline’s Fischeon Fried Rice…
a DSC_1718 s
Regina’s appetiser of tortillas with three types of Salsa dips…
a DSC_1713 s
And her main which she named “Fischeon Fiesta”… a very hearty meal!
a DSC_1637 s
And finally, Cecilia Fischeon laksa and her appetiser of som tum.
a DSC_1742 s
Chef Philip here with the judging…
a DSC_1590 s
And while Chef Philip and Sharon sampled the dishes in heir judging, the other attendees were treated to refreshments
a DSC_1215 s

A group shot of some of SHC’s hardcore members and supporters.

It was regrettable that I didn’t stay on for the whole event. But I was later related that the prize winners were Regina, Zi Han and Jasline clinched the top three prizes respectively. Congratulations to all of them!

On the whole, the event was full of fun, laughter, excitement from the cook off and not to mention, the lucky draw! I think it was fantastic, that fellow SHC members get to interact and mingle with one another on a more personal basis as this. It was thoroughly enjoyable for most of us and we can only wish that such events would take place more frequently!


Thank you Fischeon and Chef Philip for the kind invite!

2 responses

  1. Gorgeous pictures and what a lovely write up, Alan! It was so nice to finally meet you at the event. 🙂

    December 4, 2015 at 7:42 am

  2. Alan (travellingfoodies)

    yes it is nice to finally be able to meet up in person though it was quite brief. we do maybe do lunch one of these days 🙂

    December 5, 2015 at 12:22 am

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