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台北金峰鲁肉饭 – Jin Fung Lor Bak Png, Taipei

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When in Rome, do what the Romans do. I have several food places which I repeatedly visit whenever I’m in Taipei.  These are often joints and stalls which the locals come for a quick breakfast with their pals after their morning exercise or grocery shopping routine, or for a takeaway during the lunch break. They serve good local food at rather affordable prices! Let’s see, I have my favorite 牛肉面 beef noodles stall in 永康街 Yong Kang Street, I have my favorite 肉粽 bak chang stall in 西门町 Ximending, I have my favorite 碗粿 wah kueh stall near 龙山寺 Long Shan Si Temple, I have my favorite 四神汤 stall near 宁夏夜市 Ning Xia Night Market, etc… and the list runs on! But today, I shall bring you all to my favorite lor bak png 鲁肉饭 stall… well, one of my favorites that is! Ironic it may sound, how can one ever settle for just one favorite right?! *chuckles*

鲁肉饭, lu rou fan or better pronounced as “lor bak png” in Taiwanese is truly food for the masses, enjoyed by folks of all ages from all walks of life, during any time in the day from breakfast all the way till supper! There are some pretty famous lor bak png joints/chain stores around but when I’m Taipei and I’m up for it, I would visit 金峰鲁肉饭 for a quick fix!

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金峰卤肉饭 is located just next to 南门市场, and is easily accessible by the local 捷运 MRT system, located just outside one of the exits of 中正纪念堂站 Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Station, making it the perfect pitstop to get fueled and watered after all the walking and photo taking around the famous monument. It is packed with diners all day long, so there isn’t exactly an “ideal time” to visit. But do refrain from visiting during the lunch and dinner crowd peak hours or be prepared to have to queue for a table!
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焢肉饭 Kong Bak Png. Needless to say, the definite must-order whenever I am here. Thick slabs of pork belly which have been braised with premium dark soya sauce and spices for many hours until it is so soft, with all the flavours completely absorbed. If you can only eat pork belly once a year, make sure it coincides with your visit to Jin Fung!
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And then there is 鲁肉饭 Lor Bak Png of course. Unlike the version in southern Taiwan which uses ground/minced pork, lor bak png in northern Taiwan uses sliced meat accompanied by a very high ratio of lardons for that extra oomph! Yes, yes, yes high in cholestrol, arteries-clogging, I hear you! But you’d only live once right? And I’m sure all that walking and shopping during the rest of the trip would help to shed away those extra calories… hopefully!
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Otherwise, there is always fried bee hoon, mee and tang hoon on the menu amidst scalded vegetables, bamboo shoot and other side dishes to choose from.
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排骨酥 is another favorite of mine, pieces of pork ribs first marinated overnight before being battered and deep-fried till crisp. The deep-fried pork ribs are then cooked with cubes of winter-melon into a soup.
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For those who prefer a soupy meal, a bowl of 鼎边趖 would make an excellent choice. Traditionally, it is made by pouring a batter made from rice flour carefully over the rim of a large cooking pot containing barely simmering broth and allowed to cook and firm up before being sliced up into small sheets and returned to the broth which contains a variety of ingredients like shrimp, pork balls, mushroom and chinese cabbage. Also a delicacy from southern Taiwan, the famous stall selling 鼎边趖 is ironically located at the island’s northern tip in 基隆 Keelung’s 庙口夜市. Judging by the number of folks around us who ordered this dish, 金峰’s rendition must be very popular as well!
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So as you visit Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall to pay respects to the late Taiwanese leader and admire the scenery and floral around, do drop by 金峰鲁肉饭 and try a bit of local fare which the Taiwanese thoroughly enjoy. Fear not the “potential risk” of putting on a couple of extra pounds, give it a try for once and you may become like me, a convert and now a fan!

No. 10號, Section 1, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei (北市羅斯福路1段10號之1)
+886 2 2396 0808
8.00 am to 1.00 am (Mon to Sun)

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