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Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

Dinner @ Skinny Pizza, a chic-looking place at the newly refurbished basement of Raffles City.

Skinny Pizza

Bolognese With Mozzarella. ($23)

Minced beef Bolognese spread over a crispy crust and topped with chunks of mozzarella, rocket and freshly ripped basil.

Skinny Pizza

This seems to be the closest on the menu of what one can get to a regular italian pizza. True to its name, the crust was very thin, even thinner than pappadam or wonton wrappers. I remember reading an entry on a fellow blogger, Catherine aka Camemberu’s blog on her visit to another Skinny Pizza outlet back in 2008. In her blog entry she  compared the crust to a  lavash cracker, a flatbread popular among the people of Central Asia and commented that”any thinner, it’ll be a pappadam”. So I must take this opportunity to congratulate Skinny Pizza for finally perfecting the art of making ultra-thin pappadam-like pizza crust, because the one on our order is definitely thinner than the Indian snack! But we are not entirely sure being skinny is a good thing at all.

Skinny Pizza

The crust was very crisp and light but unfortunately becomes wet almost too quickly from the bolognese minced beef sauce carpeting it. We did not finish the whole pizza immediately when it was being served but instead waited for the other dishes and sampled in an almost round robin-like manner. Towards the end, the pizza crust soaked up so much of that saucy goodness that it developed an almost lasagna-like texture to the palate. A blessing or a curse, you tell me. Also, the mozzarella tasted a bit rubbery and tough. On a slightly more positive light, aragula and basil are fantastic herby infusions into the pizza, providing it with more depth and dimension in both presentation and tastes. The biting bitterness of rocket went rather well with the savoury richness of the minced meat sauce. A somewhat awkward combination that surprisingly worked rather well.

Skinny Pizza

Fish n Chips ($18)

A hot fillet of fish paired alongside our golden truffle fries, served with malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce dip. Relive the best of British pub food!

Fish and Chips uses an anchor beer batter, a very traditional method of “doing” this popular dish.  The froth from the beer provides addition aeration giving the batter more body and lightness. Slight bitterness from the alcoholic concoction also blends in well with malt vinegar and the tarty tartar sauce. Finally, the golden lustre of beer is inherited by the batter giving the fish a crisp and exuberant looking outer coat. Killing many birds with one stone if you ask me.

Skinny Pizza

Fries at Skinny Pizza are supposedly prepared in a special manner, supposedly with truffle oil.

Skinny Pizza

Use of red snapper was an excellent choice we thought. Definitely a good change from the run-in-the-mill “dory” or in worse cases, sutchi catfish.

The crust remained crisp throughout the photography session even when it turned slightly cold. If only the pizza crust was that enduring. Overall we felt this was the most satiating.

Skinny Pizza

Squid Ink Paella ($18)

Spread of clams, prawns, squid, black olives, tomatoes and sauteed capsicum on a bed of inky paella. Suppose to “come with a crusty top and a dash of parmesan cheese and fresh coriander”. Coriander we did find (very nice thank you!) but parmesan no…

Skinny Pizza

This is the weakest link in the trio we sampled. The rice was burnt on the base and the bitterness exuded spoils almost it all. Despite its rather theatrical outlook, the taste was rather drab. The seafood used was fresh, especially the prawns being succulent and firm but the entire dish seemed to be not altogether. Squid ink was used for dramatic effect but adds nothing to the dish but colour. Black olives and garlic were sound inclusions but tomatoes were basically non-descript. Finely chopped coriander and chilli flakes were attempts made to spice it up a bit but did not achieve their “assigned task” in a rewarding manner. Most lacking of all were two almost quintessential ingredients saffron and extra virgin olive oil drizzled at the last moment before serving. Call us old schools but we felt that without these, a paella is almost not a paella.

Skinny Pizza

Close up on the paella with prawn, squid and coriander. Any wetter and one could easily mistaken this for squid ink risotto!

Skinny Pizza

Our order of Mozzarella with Bolognese Pizza in a gist.

We went back to do some online reading and it seems like a lot of foodie folks liked their Wild Truffled Mushroom Pizza. Also, Skinny Pizza has a separate dessert menu with glorious-looking inventions which looked all so irresistable. We salute them for their respect for the sweet-toothed and so yeah, we would definitely be back for more!

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