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Simple Eats – Sushi Supper!

Sushi Supper from Sushi Deli @ Cold Storage Centrepoint.

Sushi - Cold Storage Centrepoint

Promotion after 8 pm! Couldn’t resist a late night snack at the risk of getting a tummyache from lacking-in-freshness sushi!

Pardon the fudgly looking towel backdrop! Just wanna get the photos over and done with,and dig in!

Sushi - Cold Storage Centrepoint

Trio of Salmon belly Nigiri, Tako tentacle Nigiri and Ikura Gunkan sushi. The sliver of shimmering silver from the remnants of salmon skin really adds a nice touch to the robust red-orange meat interspersed with steaks of creamy white omega-3 acids!

Sushi - Cold Storage Centrepoint

Just look at the textures on the suckers and the way the cooked tentacle spirals into a perfectly symmetrical coil! Some would probably find it revolting but I simply love it!

Sushi - Cold Storage Centrepoint

Seen from some angles, it looks like a recoiled serpent ready to strike!

I must say the tako tentacle really opened me up on macro food photography and implores me further to look closer at the intricate designs, especially in food that’s all around us.

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