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Ashtons Specialities @ Suntec City Mall

Dinner @ Ashtons Specialities, Suntec City Mall. We always see a long queue outside this place, alikening the outlet at Katong so we would usually give it a miss. But we were early for dinner today so we reckon that we should give this place a try.

We “repeated” orders for the same dishes we had at the Katong outlet some months back. Partly because we didn’t get decent photos then as the ambient light of the restaurant was simply too dark for my Ricoh to produce a decent shot. Secondly, this seem like the most “ideal” choice for us personally.

Ashtons Specialities

Pork Chops with mashed potato and coleslaw as side orders.

The pork chops ain’t bad but we prefer the ones from Cafe Cartel. Its somewhere in between the good version at Cafe Cartle and the bad version at Hans. Then again, anything compared to Hans is considered good.

The mash potato was too grainy while the coleslaw as a tad too soggy. Basically the whole dish was pracically drenched with brown sauce, which was simultaneously used for both the pork chops and mash potato, as well as whatever dressing that’s oozing out from the coleslaw.

Ashtons Specialities

Double Chicken, with a choice of Fried Chicken and Hickory BBQ chicken served with onion rings and potato salad.

The chicken fared better than the pork chops. Fried chicken was better than its grilled counterpart. The frying batter and coating seems to be flavoured. Nice job. The grilled chicken was a bit dry for us but its saved by the BBQ sauce.

Potato salad was good, the best side dish of the 4 we chose for our orders. They used red potatoes which added colour to the presentation. Chopped onions and some capsicum were also added.

Enough said about the good. Reality time now… onion rings were bad… bad bad bad… down right soft and limpy, instead of the "crunchy" I’d read in other blogs. Quality of food seems to be rather inconsistent here. What else can you expect from a place with underage part-timing kitchen staff who are paid like 6-8 bucks an hour.

Will skip onion rings and perhaps opt for the more generic and failure-proof, and not to mention healthier garden salad instead.

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