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Krispy Kreme from Jakarta

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme, one favorite donut joint in the world… so far…  We first had it in Hong Kong some years back and fell instantly in love with it. Krispy kreme donuts shines above all those joints we have in Singapore, e.g. Doughtnutu Factory, Donut Empire and even overseas franchaises like J-Co and Dunkin Donuts.

Without fail, we would buy them at the outlet at HKIA on our flight back to Singapore. Alas, they pulled out of the Hong Kong market and we had quite a bit of withdrawal symptoms from that . :/ Then we knew they were available in Tokyo and so we specially allocated time to visit their cafe at Shinjuku Tobu during our Tokyo trip last November. But time flies and its more than a year since until…

J got this back on the last day of an overseas worktrip to Jakarta! It seems like they’d opened in the Indonesian captial (unfair!!!)… three outlets to be precise (unfair unfair unfair!!!)

Krispy Kreme

Box of 12!

Krispy Kreme

Oreo doughnut, with oreo cream as the filling

Krispy Kreme

Strawberry Iced glazed with streaks of chocolate.

Krispy Kreme

Peanut butter iced glazed with streaks of chocolate

Krispy Kreme

Caramel with bits of almond and peanut

Krispy Kreme

Choco peanut with a chocolate filling

Krispy Kreme

glazed cruller, i prefer this texture to the conventional ones. But our personal fave is the original chocolate cake which was out of stock when J bought it 😦

Krispy Kreme

This is cinammon sugar coated with a custardy filling.

Krispy Kreme

White chocolate ice glazed with chocolate filling. This looks exactly like a variety from “Donut Factory” here in Singapore.

Hmm… Krispy Kreme from Jakarta doesn’t seem to work for me. Perhaps to suit the locals, the donuts from this outlet next to Kempinski Hotel are more like those we find in Singapore, rather dull and drab compared to the ones we had in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Or perhaps the donut craze has waned quite a bit in us already…

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