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Macau Macao @ North Bridge Road

Dinner @ Macau Macao, a newly opened restaurant along North Bridge Road facing Bugis Junction. We were very early for dinner yes, but there was hardly any crowd in the restaurant, considering how bustling the human traffic is around this area. Apart from us, only another table was occupied.

Macau Macao

Macau Macao

We ordered Macau Pork Chop Burger 澳门猪扒包 on the menu which came with potato wedges and chips.

Macau Macao

Apart from pork chop, there was salad greens, slices of tomato, cheese and onion sandwiched in between lighted crusted burger buns.

Macau Macao

The pork tastes aint bad. But somehow the whole combination didn’t really work for us. It seems rather “deconstructed” and didn’t gel together. We just felt that some “burger” x-factor is missin’. If only the bun was as crispy as the 脆脆包 we had at the famous 大排档 dai pai dong 勝香園 in Hong Kong.

Macau Macao

Our second order, Rosemary Chicken, 迷逸香鸡扒, which also came with wedges and salad greens doused lightly with a tinge of aceto balsamico condimento The herby infusion made the chicken aromatic but not ovewhelming but on the overall, the chicken though crisp (we like!) was too oily for comfort!!!

Macau Macao

Something I do sometimes, writing on the back of the printed order chit to help us remember what we ate tasted like, especially when it ain’t too impressionable!

UPDATE: When we went passed this place about 2 weeks later (early December 2010), we noticed that the place is undertaking some kind of revamp into a buffet steamboat place.  That was kind of anticipated as the restaurant did not seem to take off well with its previous concept. Hope its able to make a mark amongst the already numerous szechuan ma-la styled steamboat buffets in the Liang Seah and Beach Road vicinity. As the popular saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, you join ‘ em.

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