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Swensens @ Parco Bugis Junction

Lunch @ Swensens, Bugis Junction


We watched the latest Harry Potter on its Premier day. An afternoon matinee which is supposed to make the cinema less packed. Before that we had the one-for-one lunch treats promotion at Swensens


J’s order was Fried Fish with apricot mayo. sutchi aka swai catfish fillet was used. but no complains since its on a one-for-one. but the batter could be made more crispy though. Oh well… you pay peanuts you get monkeys.


My order was a “Mega Mushroom Burger” which we are ordering the first time. Our usual orders at Swensens are usually baked rice or from their main course menu. Burgers have never been a big thing in our dining experience. But since its 1-for-1, we decided to give it a shot!


The burger turned out quite delicious. The beef patty was really moist and juicy. Cooked to perfection… welll almost. Cos there’s always room for improvement! And minus the onions and more tomatoes would have been a good option. We can’t stand the taste of raw onions. Mega yuck!

This definitely changed my perception of burgers at Swensens. That means more choices apart from the usual baked rice we usually order. 🙂


Parco Bugis Junction

200 Victoria Street



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