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Watami Japanese Casual Dining @ Raffles City

Dinner @ Watami, Japanese family restaurant located at the newly refurbished annexe located at B1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

We had a dinner set for 2 for SGD49++ which includes a good selection of dishes of varied nature and cooking styles. Comes also with two drinks. I had Yuzu soda while J had iced lemon tea.

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Half Watami Salad that came together as an obligatory item. This is a much better rendition than the one offered by Ichiban Boshi. Typical Romaine and Coral lettuce with cherry tomatoes, raw capsicum, corn kernels, roast chicken topped with an ice-scoop of canned tuna in mayonaise and toasted seaweed (nori) strips.

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

This is a pretty good starter we thought. Good selection of ingredients and a heart portion for a “half salad”. Rather refreshing in taste and kudos on presentation too!

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Corn Jaga Butter, another obligatory item on the teishoku menu but we aint complaining. Anything with butter can’t go very wrong 🙂

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Close up on the Corn jaga Butter

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Salmon Miso Nabe. I’ve always loved a good soup dish and this seems to have shined amongst the rest. The ingredients look pretty common and conventional but when slowly stewed over a rich miso broth, the taste was pure bliss, especially good for a grey and rainy day! It goes exceptionally well with udon provided. In fact its so good that we immediately bought ingredients later on in hope to replicate this at home!

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Aptly named “Skewer King” this is a long pork loin katsu with embedded with onions, all encrusted in a crispy panko. The topping is more chopped onions in a mayonnaise/ tartar sauce dip. The strips of onion  within had a nice caramelised sweetness while the pork remained moist and juicy. At first glance, we thought the dish was a bit overdone, owing to the intense coloration of the panko. But the contents speak for themselves. The blend of onions with panko reminds of onion rings from Carl’s Junior. Highly recommended!

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Salmon Stonepot with Rice. This is more of a korean fusion. I love the crusty base which develops from a deliberate delay in stirring, which we were prompted to do by one of the waiters. The salmon slices seem to have been marinated earlier. Tobiko adds a nice crunch and a salty taste reminiscent of the ocean when burst. Quite good blend i must say…

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

Half Tori Karaage with Negi pirikara sauce-gake. Well, this is not very impressionable. The oil wasn’t properly drained and it was mostly skin.

Watami Japanese Casual Dining

This has got to be the weakest link in the whole dining experience. The selection of tempura items were limited with capsicum, brinjal, pumpkin and more brinjal and two shrimp. More variety would be good, e.g. shitake tempura, shiso tempura or even yasai tempura. To be omitted during future visits. We shall stick to Waraku whenever we need a tempura fix.

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