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Waraku Japanese Casual Dining @ Central

Tunch @ Waraku, Central Clarke Quay.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Yaikisoba, aka stir-fried noodles. Looks are deceiving as this seemingly drab looking dish is actually quite delicious. 🙂

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Hokkai Salad which is essentially iceberg lettuce and seaweed with slices of raw seafood i.e. salmon(sake), tuna(maguro) and squid(ika)  and salmon roe(ikura). The dressing is very “wafu” inspired, i.e. concoction of japanese soy sauce, lemon juice and a hint of wasabi.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Very delicate and refreshing taste to help relieve the “weight” from the fried dishes.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Ebi Tempura aka deep-fried prawns. Waraku serves our favorite version of this dish. The “crumbs” are first prepared by rapidly flicking batter into hot oil and scooping up the hardened bits. The prawn is then dipped in the same batter and coated with the pre-fried crumbs before frying. As the crumbs are returned to the oil a second time, they become even more crispy. YUMZ! 🙂

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

Gyu Kaminabe Wazen set which also came with a small tempura moriwase and 3 slices of salmon sashimi.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

The beef slices were kinda thick and already in the soup base prior to serving. This caused them to clump together as beef cooks so quickly… a bad idea really. Perhaps Waraku could consider serving the beef slices ‘sukiyaki style” on a separate plate thus allowing the diner to control how well he or she wants the beef done.

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining

The restaurant has a nice window view overlooking Singapore River. Unfortunately, the weather hadn’t been all that fine lately and it’d been pouring quite a bit. Detritus flowing into the river caused it to go all brown. 😦

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